Allentown NexGen 2.75-Inch Sipper Tube (SLC250-275-NW)

100 per case

Minimum order: 1 case

Product Description

Allentown NexGen Mouse 500 2.75-Inch Sipper Tube ‚Äì slip-on sipper tube easily attaches to NexGen Water Bottles for easy access to drinking water for research animals including research mice, rats, and more. Easily remove from water bottles for efficient cleaning and sterilization. 
  • 2.75-inch sipper tube

Product dimensions: 2.0 in x 3.277 in x 2.0 in

Lead Time: Dependent upon stock levels. Can ship 1 to 8 weeks from order.

Sold in increments of 100.

Other Details

100 per case
1 case